Career Edge

A series of workshops designed to help adults prepare for the job market

Whether new to the job market, returning to the job market or simply having trouble navigating the job market, these workshops are designed to give participants the skills needed to get and keep a job. The workshop series is based on targeted instruction in four areas: Laying the Foundation; Job Search Preparation; Interview Preparation; and Keeping a Job. Participants who attend all four workshops will be invited to the Chamber’s Job Fairs.

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Laying the Foundation

Preparing yourself for the job market is an important part of your overall success. Before you begin the job search process, whether you are entering the work force or looking to make a job change, it is necessary to understand the importance of effective Communication, Business Etiquette, the correct Attitude, Planning & Goal Setting and identifying the talents you have to share with an employer through Skill Assessment.

Job Search Preparation

In addition to “looking” for a new job there are important steps that you must take to prepare for your new career opportunity. This course includes Application Completion, Resume Development, Cover Letter, References and Portfolio Development. Participants will leave with the necessary tools to successfully fill out a job application, develop a winning resume, appropriately word a cover letter targeted to a job you are seeking and prepare a portfolio to showcase your skills, experience and accomplishments.

Interview Preparation

You have the skills and credentials but the idea of interviewing for that job can be overwhelming. What types of questions will they ask? Will I remember the “right” things to say? Who should sit down first? Is it okay to ask for a drink of water? These and many other questions will be answered as participants are introduced to various types of Interviews, how to prepare, Mock Interview role playing, presentation skills and networking.

Keeping a Job

Now you have the job – what’s next? Learning the importance of Dependability, Workplace Ethics, Teamwork and Sphere of Influence once you begin your job is a critical part of keeping the job you worked so hard to get! This workshop will introduce a variety of qualities and characteristics that employers want to see in their staff once hired. Participants will also gain valuable information related to sexual harassment and what this means in the work place.

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